TSHUVA Investigations is based in Israel and employ investigators with vast international experience and conduct both local as well as international investigations. TSHUVA Investigations conduct investigations in the Palestinians Territories including the Gaza Strip.


TSHUVA Investigations

50 Etzel st, Or Yehuda, Israel

Tel: +972 (3) 6349988

Fax +972 (3) 5331306

Email:  office@tshuva.com

Areas of expertise


Tshuva Research is specializing in variety of topics.

o   Employee reliability tests - Investigation of employees and prevention of internal harm to the organization

o   Supply Chain Security - Building a methodology tailored to strengthen the supply chain

o   Loss Prevention

o   Risk survey

o   Security Systems Management (cameras, alarm systems atc)

o   Audit and process control for service departments (Logistics, HR, finance act)

o   Surveillance and observations - performed by professional


Specialization in the subject of surveillance is the result of study, proper guidance and a great deal of experience. Tshuva Research is one of the few in its market that has a surveillance team that is all about it. Teshuva Investigations - A private investigation office that monitors the territories of the State of Israel, including the territories of the Palestinian Authority (Judea and Samaria). In addition, we conduct surveillance and investigations abroad through our business partners.


Field Intelligence - Gathering comprehensive information about employees, competing suppliers and more.


Sophisticated dubbing - conducting investigations under cover in order to obtain documented and sometimes invaluable information.


Economic investigations - gathering economic information in order to obtain the full picture of the person.

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